Which Carpet Fiber is Best for Your Home?

You’ve decided to get new carpet. You’ve already read our article “The Pros & Cons of the Most Common Carpet Styles,” and you know exactly what style you want. But what material should you shop for? The carpet fiber you choose is as important as the style and will directly impact how long your new carpet will last. Read on for the Pros and Cons of the most common carpet fibers so you can make the best choice for your space and lifestyle.


Pros: Wool is considered to be the Cadillac of carpet fibers. It’s green, renewable and environmentally friendly. Wool carpet is soft and luxurious to the touch and naturally flame resistant. It’s a resilient fiber that’s durable enough to perform well in high traffic areas without wearing out. Wool carpet resists dirt and soil and is easy to keep clean.

Cons: Wool carpet is expensive. Just think of how many sheep you would have to shear to cover an entire floor. Wool also absorbs moisture and can potentially be prone to mold and mildew in damp areas.

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